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Update: May 20, 2010: Thanks to the help of Tom Munnecke (equipment, direction, camera), Jill Vanoncini (camera), Kevin Henson (post production), Peter Kaufman (production) and Intelligent Television, videos from the conference are now available. Click the speaker’s name to view them.

NOTE (15 November, 2010): sometimes Dreamhost has “issues.” If you experience difficulties watching a video, download it and play it locally.


8.50 am Welcome remarks (Brewster Kahle/Jeff Ubois)

9 Opening Discussion: what is to be done

- Clifford Lynch, CNI
- Cathy Marshall, Microsoft Research (slides)

9.20 Examples & Models
- Gary Wright, FamilySearch (slides)
- Susan Thomas, Paradigm Project/Oxford University

10.00 Papers and prints: out of the file cabinet, scrapbooking, scanning

- Eric Saund, PARC (slides)
- Bill Janssen, PARC

10.30 Personal Photographs

- Nancy Van House, UCB
- Heather Champ, FlickR

11 Break

11.15 Movies & Narratives
- Snowden Becker, Center for Home Movies (slides)

11.45 What We Give vs What We Give Off: Else We Might Collect: Email, Financial & Social Network Data, and Identity

- Marc Smith, Connected Action Consulting Group (slides)
- Ben Gross, University of Illinois (slides)

12.15 Lunch

Tour of onsite book & microfilm scanning led by Brewster Kahle

1.30 Institutional Responsibilities, Selection, and Overdoing It

- Cal Lee, UNC (slides)
- Francesco Spagnolo, Magnes Museum
- Dave Marvit, Fujitsu Labs of America

2.15 Tools

- Dave Rice, AV Preservation Solutions (on metadata for moving images)
- John Kunze, California Digital Library (on PairTree and other tools) (slides)
- James Jacobs, Stanford University Libraries (on LOCKSS)

3.00 Break

3.15 Projects and Proposals

- Cal Lee PDAWG, Cal Lee
- Will Snow, SALT (slides)
- Tom Munnecke, Letters to the Future
- Bruce & Sue Wilcox, Speaker for the Dead (slides)
- Judith Zissman, Shoemakers’ Children
- Jeff Ubois, Scraps

4.30 Colloquium: Cathy Marshall, Gordon Bell, Brewster Kahle, Elizabeth Churchill

5.00 Wrap up:
Clifford Lynch

** Speaker backgrounds and pictures courtesy of Tom Munnecke


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